Value Capture in the Network

100% of value captured by the network now funds the SuperRare Community Treasury

When the first version of SuperRare launched in early 2018, the intent was to create a radically better market for artists while sending a clear signal that a new kind of art market was possible.

To send this message loud and clear, the genesis SuperRare marketplace smart contracts included zero primary market fees or commissions for the first year, and an industry-first 10% royalty for artists in the secondary market. As the NFT art market started to take root in 2019, marketplace fees and a primary sale commission were added to further support development and growth of the platform.

SuperRare 2.0 ushers in a new era. In a major step toward progressive decentralization of the platform, all fees and commissions will now be allocated to a Community Treasury controlled by the SuperRare DAO. On launch, SuperRare 2.0 now allows all marketplace parameters to be configurable via community governance.

100% of the value captured by the network will now be routed to the SuperRare Community Treasury to fund artist grants, network development, and further fuel the growth of the SuperRare ecosystem

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