Actors / Stakeholders

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; and each in their time plays many parts." - William Shakespeare"

  • RareDAO Council: designated officers of the SuperRare DAO and accountable to the $RARE token holder community. Responsible for on-chain certification of governance votes and allocation of treasury funds via a 5-of-7 multi-signature setup. Facilitates development of and transparent voting on various network proposals.

  • RareDAO Foundation: A non-profit foundation which supports the DAO in areas such as tax reporting, legal services, operations, and meta-governance. The Foundation currently has one director who ensures all necessary processes are followed in accordance with the community approved by-laws.

  • SuperRare Labs: the founding team and core developers of the SuperRare Network. Responsible for ongoing product development/operations, revenue generation, facilitating network governance and community development.

  • Rare Grants Committee: A 3 of 4 multi-sig appointed by the DAO Council responsible for implementing [SIP] Can the Devs do Something Rare? The committee is composed of two SuperRare Labs employees and two community members. The most recent update from the committee can be found here, and the documentation repository containing applications recieved by the committee and their decisions can be found here.

  • DAO Ops Stewards: Delegated representatives of the DAO Council and Foundation who are responsible for assisting with the composition of proposals, ensuring compliance with the governance process, facilitating council operations, record keeping, and supporting the foundation director in general administration of the DAO.

  • Artists: Verified artists who have either been approved as independent artists or invited to mint artworks in one or more SuperRare Spaces

  • Space Operators: Curators/promotors/gallerists who have been elected by the community to operate a SuperRare Space.

  • Community Editors: Designated community members responsible for curating Space applications prior to review by the $RARE Council and public voting in the Space Race

  • RareDAO: any individual (or collection of individuals) holding $RARE curation tokens who, in total, comprise the SuperRare DAO. Responsible for voting on network parameters eligible for public governance - including Space proposals, artist onboarding criteria, network commissions/fees and the ongoing expenditure of treasury funds held by the DAO.

*Note: Officers of the $RARE Governance Council serve as independent directors who represent the interests of both token holders AND the SuperRare Network. While we expect democratic participation of token holders to regularly align with the core interests of the Network, in cases where a vote of token holders may conflict with the long-term health of the Network, Council members are expected to exercise independent judgement as necessary to promote outcomes in the best interest of all stakeholders in the SuperRare Network.

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