Curation at Web Scale

*Curation strategies and plans for the network may change or be modified subject to or based on the independent approval of the SuperRare DAO, if necessary, and the independent business plans of SuperRare Labs*

Curation is essential to any art market or creative community. Curation brings context to art and expression, allowing us to comprehend layers of meaning more deeply than the lay observer might. Without a way to clearly identify signal in an open network, noise becomes a defining feature. SuperRare 2.0 takes steps toward building more decentralized and diverse curation methods in multiple ways.

For one, it opens the door for community participation + oversight into the review and onboarding of independent artists who submit their profiles to SuperRare. While access will continue to be limited so that the platform can grow sustainably, the vetting and invitation process will be expanded to include new community directed curation methods, rather than administered solely by the core SuperRare team. While SuperRare Labs will take the lead designing these new curation primitives made possible by $RARE, proposals from the network are welcomed.

The first community curation mechanic that will operate utilizing $RARE is SuperRare Spaces. Detailed in the next section, Spaces are designed to decentralize the curation of SuperRare into multiple independent nodes while facilitating enhanced levels of promotional support for artists.

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