Sovereign Minting Contracts

While Spaces are a valuable new option for artists who want to collaborate, SuperRare 2.0 also remains true to its origin as a place for independent artists to mint, promote and sell their works directly to collectors.

Designed as a non-custodial, peer-to-peer platform - one of the most powerful aspects of SuperRare historically has been that it allows artists to take control of their creative and economic destinies. SuperRare 2.0 doubles down on this philosophical conviction by introducing a new minting option: self-sovereign minting contracts.

If an artist chooses to, they can easily deploy a custom NFT minting contract and begin tokenizing and selling their art as a uniquely independent artist on SuperRare.

This enables artists a new option in addition to minting on a shared contract with other artists. A custom smart contract provides artists with their own customizable ticker (e.g. ROSES), and is a further step toward artists being able to become their own sovereign creative platform.

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