Governance & Curation Parameters

Any product, curation or governance-related powers not specifically delegated to the SuperRare DAO at launch is reserved by SuperRare Labs as the current primary developer/operator on the SuperRare Network.

In highly competitive markets (like ours!), the ability to move quickly and act decisively is needed to foster innovation and maintain ongoing market leadership. While our goal is to expand the scope of token governance to eventually include all aspects of the Network, this will need to be done progressively as the community demonstrates both the ability and willingness to do so.

As a result SuperRare Labs will seek to decentralize as fast as is practical, while remaining nimble and competitive, as we continue creating value on behalf of the SuperRare Network. We recognize decentralization is a spectrum, and the path to "full decentralization" is one that will take time to execute responsibly.

We believe this approach accurately reflects the principles and values of both SuperRare Labs and the web3 ecosystem at large, while honoring our obligations to the artists, collectors and other stakeholders of SuperRare Network.

As such, the following network parameters will be governable by token holders:

  • SuperRare Spaces: the total number of Spaces, curatorial requirements to operate a Space, associated minimum/maximum fees + commissions

  • Artist Onboarding: the number of independent artists admitted to SuperRare, frequency and method of artist expansion, minimum portfolio criteria to be accepted

  • Treasury Operations / Management: establishment of artist and developer grant programs, ad-hoc expenditure of treasury assets as deemed necessary to support continued growth and success of the SuperRare Network

SuperRare 2.0 introduces a number of new features and policies which will take time to be fully understood and digested by the larger community. The parameters of these Network features should be seen as default settings, chosen by SuperRare Labs after careful deliberation, which are subject to modification by the DAO as necessary to promote the success of SuperRare Network.

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