Into the Future

We're all going to make it - together.

A cornerstone of the early success of SuperRare was to build a place for authentic, high-quality art and thoughtful curation. We believed from the beginning that thoughtfully curated art deserved its own space on the internet, and that’s something we believe even more strongly today.

However, art and curation are undeniably subjective. And in order to bring the power of the NFT art market to billions around the world, SuperRare 2.0 must expand from being a place that is thoughtfully curated to a broad ecosystem where many types of thoughtful curation can flourish. In other words, curation on SuperRare will become increasingly decentralized.

To properly align incentives and ensure the success of a broader, more diverse art and curation ecosystem, SuperRare is also becoming a decentralized organization.

Throughout this process, we will continue to empower the very community members who made SuperRare into the platform it is today. This paper presents a path forward, though we invite any and all NFT artists, collectors, and curators to join us in helping to shape that journey.

The introduction of the SuperRare DAO and the $RARE curation token signals the start of a new era. SuperRare has always been powered by its community. Through this transition, the community will now write the next chapter of art history, together.

To become a part of the story, we encourage readers to join the community and participate in governance. Influence will not be determined solely by financial capital, but rather by the social values and signaling of core contributors working to actively shape SuperRare 2.0. We’d like to give a special thank you to each and every creator who has made SuperRare such a special corner of the internet. As we embark on this next chapter, we’re thrilled to be putting more power into the hands of those co-creating the future with us!

Welcome to SuperRare 2.0. Together we will define the future of artistic expression on the web, and build a brighter future for creatives everywhere. Fiat lux.

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