Token Distribution
Explains the allocation of $RARE tokens to various stakeholders in the network
The official contract address for $RARE is: 0xba5BDe662c17e2aDFF1075610382B9B691296350
*Please always triple check that you are interacting with the correct contract address and be aware of scams!*

Supply: 1,000,000,000 $RARE

Genesis Distribution:

Retroactive Airdrop - 150,000,000 $RARE (15%)

Distributed to the core community of artists and collectors who have bootstrapped SuperRare into the platform that it is today.
Airdrop tokens are claimable here for the next 90 days, after which unclaimed tokens will be reallocated to the Community Treasury.
The airdrop has been allocated based on a combination of gross market value (GMV) and quantity of art purchased/sold. This factored in the aggregate volume of transactions (measured in ETH) as well as the number of pieces transacted.
A major goal of this distribution was to democratize the $RARE airdrop by taking into account how early members joined the platform and how active they have been since. Using ETH as a metric for distribution favored early adopters while transaction volume provided a factor to benefit those buying and selling work on a recurring basis, regardless of final sale price.

Community Treasury - 400,000,000 $RARE (40%)

Retained by the Community Treasury that will be owned and operated by $RARE holders.
The Community Treasury will initially be custodied by a Governance Council - described in detail elsewhere. $RARE tokens held in the DAO Treasury are eligible to be used in accordance with governance.
25% of the DAO Treasury (100M $RARE) is available at launch while the balance will vest linearly over the course of 4 years.

Team - 255,000,000 $RARE (25.5%)

Granted to the core contributors at SuperRare Labs who have played a vital role in developing the SuperRare platform into what it is today.
This allocation ensures incentives are aligned between the core team and the wider community, providing a mechanism for participation in future governance and helping guarantee the long-term success of the platform.
Team tokens are subject to 3 year vesting with a 12 month cliff.

Investors - 145,000,000 $RARE (14.5%)

Granted to investors who participated in SuperRare’s previous funding rounds.
In March, SuperRare raised a strategic round from leading funds and investors to bridge the gap between crypto and the traditional art world. A full list of these partners can be found here.
This allocation allows our investors to participate in future governance if they so choose.
Investor tokens are subject to 3 year vesting with a 12 month cliff.

Strategic Partners & Future Contributors - 50,000,000 (5%)

Reserved for strategic partners and future contributors to the SuperRare network.
These tokens will be overseen by SuperRare Labs and used as an incentive for onboarding of key contributors and to expand the presence and awareness of SuperRare.
$RARE allocated from this pool will be granted to those who helped bring the SuperRare network to launch and to future employees.
Strategic Partners & Future Contributors are subject to vesting schedules on a case by case basis in accordance with the terms of their respective service agreements, but will have a minimum of 6 months vesting whenever allocated.
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