The Space Race
A community curation game designed to surface emerging talent in the NFT ecosystem
SuperRare Spaces are independently operated storefronts in the SuperRare Network. Spaces are galleries that will actively curate, promote and sell artworks by artists of their choosing (though all contributing artists must adhere to the SuperRare community guidelines). The number and availability of SuperRare Spaces are limited by design.
In order to promote independence and creativity – only two new Spaces will be brought online per month, resulting in a total of 24 Spaces by the end of the first year (Oct 2022).
As a DAO curated by holders of the $RARE token, new Spaces added to the SuperRare Network will be decided upon via a community review and voting process. Those interested in operating a Space must start by submitting a proposal at Proposals will first be reviewed by community editors, with those meeting the necessary requirements forwarded to the Governance Council - who will then schedule eligible racers for an official vote in the Space Race.
The following guidelines govern the Space Race:
  1. 1.
    2x Spaces/mo will be added to the network, up to 24 total in the first year
  2. 2.
    There will be two races per month; staggered every two weeks, opening on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays
  3. 3.
    Applications will be open for two weeks at a time, followed by two weeks of review by community editors who will ensure applications meet acceptable creative standards prior to council submission
  4. 4.
    The council will audit, then publish selected applications for each race so they can be reviewed publicly prior to the community vote
  5. 5.
    The official snapshot poll with qualifying racers will be scheduled for two weeks later - to coincide with the subsequent Space Race kickoff
  6. 6.
    Token holders will then decide the Space Race winner via an official Snapshot vote
  7. 7.
    Once complete, the winner will be added to the onboarding backlog and scheduled a launch date
Operators of a Space will be able to:
  • Name & deploy their own custom minting contract
  • Invite artists to mint directly in their Space
  • Make modifications to the default commission structure (*these changes must be clearly published and agreed to by collaborating artists)
  • Run auctions
  • Curate works
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